The Firm is a benchmark in the area of sports law. With a multidisciplinary team and over 20 years of experience in the sector, the Firm provides assistance regarding all the links of the productive chain of the sporting industry, including athletes, clubs and companies, agents, federations, confederations, leagues, sponsors, transmitters of sporting events, suppliers of sporting goods, sport-techs and governmental organizations.

Our experience in the sports law area includes the following services: 

  • Drafting and negotiation of employment contracts; agreements for assignment, use, exploitation and licensing of image rights; and athletic training agreements;
  • Support in the negotiation of the economic and federative rights of athletes, both national and international;
  • Drafting and negotiation of agreements for transmission of sporting events, sponsorship agreements, and contracts for the supply of sporting goods, naming rights, and licensing of image, brands and products; 
  • Legal assistance related to the governance of entities involved in sports, including preparation of bylaws, codes of ethics and conduct, as well as review of procedures and conduction of investigations and audits;
  • Legal assistance in questions related to the organization of sporting events, sale of tickets, access to stadiums/arenas and administration of fan club programs; 
  • Legal assistance in the structuring of investments in sports, including the creation of companies for engagement in sporting activities, as well as the conduction of due diligence to evaluate investment opportunities, drafting and negotiation of contracts, and support in relations with federations and confederations for registration of companies;
  • Support regarding tax incentive mechanisms in Brazil and abroad for the conduction of sporting events; and
  • Representation of clients in litigation involving contractual matter, debt collection, consumer relations, solidarity mechanisms, doping, match fixing, fraud, violations of governance and functional classification of para-athletes in judicial and arbitral proceedings in Brazil and abroad, including before the TAS/CAS, FIFA and other international federations.