Our team has recognized experience in the area of competition law, having advised national and foreign clients in dozens of concentration acts, administrative proceedings to ascertain anticompetitive behavior, implementation and management of antitrust compliance programs and lawsuits involving reparation of damages due to anticompetitive practices.


The services offered by the Firm in this area include:


  • Evaluation of situations requiring submission of concentration acts and support in submitting such acts of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) and/or regulatory agencies;
  • Legal advice to clients in the evaluation of risks of practices and structures with possible anticompetitive effects;
  • Representation in administrative proceedings to investigate and penalize anticompetitive conduct;
  • Support to internal investigation of possible anticompetitive practices;
  • Negotiation of leniency agreements and administrative consent decrees;
  • Formulation, implementation and supervision of antitrust compliance programs; and
  • Representation in lawsuits seeking to obtain redress of damages due to unfair competition and other anticompetitive practices.