The Firm has a team formed by lawyers with renowned professional and academic reputations in the area of labor law, with consolidated experience in serving Brazilian and foreign clients (both individuals and companies) through consulting and representation in litigation.

Our labor practice area renders the following services:

  • Judicial representation in strategic and routine lawsuits at all instances of the Labor Justice System;
  • Interface with the Labor Attorney’s Office and its oversight and investigatory bodies; 
  • Representation in civil inquiries, public civil actions and class actions;
  • Support in collective bargaining;
  • Representation in administrative proceedings conducted by the Regional Labor Secretariats (SRTEs);
  • Legal support for the severance of executives, managers and other employees, as well as transfer of employees and repatriation of foreign employees;
  • Preparation of legal opinions and memorandums on labor matters in general;
  • Review of labor practices, including adjustment of company routines to the eSocial system;
  • Financial management of labor liabilities;
  • Drafting and revision of employment contracts, compensation plans, labor and human resources policies and codes of conduct;
  • Training on themes related to labor law;
  • Due diligence for corporate transactions; 
  • Audits to identify labor contingencies; and
  • Support for integration programs in mergers and acquisitions, including equalization of benefits and possible alteration of union representation.