Estate, Succession and Wealth Planning

The Firm advises Brazilian and foreign clients in matters involving estate and succession planning, wealth management and family law.

We provide advice to individuals, families, family offices and family-controlled companies regarding the devising and implementation of estate and succession planning, establishment of rules for continuity of family businesses and rules for family and/or corporate governance.

With academic and practical experience in mediation of disputes, our team works closely with clients to organize discussions within families, by considering the particularities of each family, to help members achieve their different needs.

Our activities in this area involve aspects of corporate law and governance, tax, intellectual property, real estate and family law and succession, as well as representation in litigation. Among the specific services rendered in this area are:

  • Consulting regarding corporate law and governance, adopting the most suitable legal structures for the interests of the client, with respect to organization of assets and tax efficiency;
  • Advice to establish family investment vehicles and holding companies, both operational and financial;
  • Drafting of partners’ and shareholders’ agreements, creation of preferred shares with or without special rights (golden shares), establishing rules for asset allocation and financial results;
  • Advice in the drafting of family constitutions, rules on employment of family members in family companies firms, rules related to ownership of shares or other equity units of family companies by non-family members and by members by affinity;
  • Advice to establish family offices, trusts, endowment funds, exclusive investment funds and foundations;
  • Advice in the purchase or sale of real estate, in Brazil or abroad, rural properties, as well as aircraft and vessels;
  • Advice in donations, including usufruct clauses;
  • Advice related to philanthropic and social investment initiatives, including the creation of institutes, associations, foundations and endowment funds, as well as college scholarships and scientific grants;
  • Drafting of prenuptial agreements and stable union agreements;
  • Support for the institution and registration of homesteads;
  • Drafting of wills;
  • Alteration of the asset sharing regime of marriages;
  • Advice in probate procedures and extrajudicial division of estates;
  • Advice in judicial and extrajudicial divorces, consensual or not;
  • Advice regarding compliance with tax and foreign capital legislation, including preparation of income tax returns, declarations of payment of tax on transmission causa mortis and donations and presentation of declarations of foreign capital holdings of Brazilian residents.