Digital Security and Data Protection

The Firm has a multidisciplinary team specialized in matters related to digital security and data protection, offering legal advice to national and foreign clients in questions related to the General Date Protection Law (LGPD) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. The services rendered in this area include:


  • Support for companies’ compliance with the LGPD and GDPR, including analysis of the internal procedures/processes and mapping of points to be revised;
  • Elaboration and revision of internal policies for the purpose of mitigating risks, including action plans for compliance by human resources departments regarding the procedures related to hiring and firing of employees and contracting of outsourced workers;
  • Conduction of training, courses and workshops for awareness and implementation of data protection policies;
  • Elaboration and revision of terms and conditions for use applicable to e-commerce and internal procedures for use of personal data and their transfer to third parties;
  • Elaboration and revision of drafts of data processing addendums involving the collection, storage and/or processing of personal data; and
  • Revision of contracts that by their nature involve the collection, storage and/or processing of personal data.

Professionals working in this area