Startups, Innovation and Creative Economy

The Firm has solid experience in advising both investors in the various development cycles (angel, venture capital and private equity investors) and entrepreneurs, from the conception and development of the business model to routine assistance of startups, in various areas of the economy, such as: health, energy, education, technology, financial services, urban mobility, sports, culture, entertainment, electronic games, software and related services. With a multidisciplinary approach, focus on reducing costs and aiming to foresee the next development stages of projects, and thus anticipate clients’ needs, the Firm has singular expertise to meet the needs of the creative economy. 


Some examples of the services rendered are:


  • Support in the organization and corporate and tax structuring in Brazil and abroad;
  • Structuring of investment funds and  other vehicles in Brazil and abroad;
  • Drafting of contracts for investment and divestment;
  • Drafting of loan agreements, and indentures for issuance of bonds, both private and public, including with restricted placement efforts;
  • Drafting of shareholders’ agreements?;
  • Support in mergers, acquisitions, asset sales and joint ventures;
  • Legal consulting involving regulatory aspects;
  • Structuring and negotiation of franchise agreements and preparation of offering circulars;
  • Formulation of stock option plans and respective vesting documents;
  • Consulting regarding taxation of digital products;
  • Drafting of contracts for development of software and transfer, licensing and sharing of technology;
  • Drafting of service provision agreements;
  • Structuring of career plans;
  • Drafting of contracts for exploitation and assignment of image rights and audiovisual rights;
  • Representation in civil and labor lawsuits;
  • Registration and protection of patents, computer programs, industrial designs and intellectual assets in general; and
  • Support for adaptation of business models to the regime of the General Data Protection Law.